About Us

The Mission of the Platte Institute

The Platte Institute’s mission is to advance policies that remove barriers to growth and opportunity in Nebraska.

Why We’re Here

The economic policies we enact here in Nebraska have real consequences for our daily lives. Nebraska is losing people, income, and investment to other states because of our high tax rates. Job creation has fallen below the national average over the past decade. And our farmers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs face levels of red tape regulation often unheard of across state lines.

In short, these big-government policies create barriers—rather than ladders—to growth and opportunity, putting the Good Life out of reach for too many Nebraskans.

If we want to advance prosperity and opportunity in our state, we need to remove these barriers and instead implement policies which limit government, promote free enterprise, and encourage and reward personal initiative.

The Vision of the Platte Institute

We envision a state where Nebraskans have the freedom and opportunity to achieve their Good Life, Nebraska’s own version of the American Dream.

The Platte Institute believes that government should not be a barrier to growth and opportunity in Nebraska. Our policies, which are grounded in the principles of individual liberty and free enterprise, will remove those barriers so that:

  • Nebraskans can keep more of what they earn;
  • It’s easier to start and grow a business in Nebraska;
  • Nebraska can retain and attract a talented workforce.

Our Core Research Areas

  • Regulatory Reform
  • Tax Policy
  • Government Spending

Who Funds the Platte Institute?

The Platte Institute is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization; our organization is privately funded through contributions made by individuals, businesses, and private foundations. All donations to the Platte Institute are tax deductible. To preserve our independence, the Platte Institute does not accept any state or federal funding, nor do we perform contract research.

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