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LB1127: Adopt the Regulatory Sandbox Act

The Platte Institute supports LB1127.  The bill would establish what is known as an industry agnostic or all-inclusive regulatory sandbox in Nebraska. Regulatory sandboxes provide a temporary space for entrepreneurs to develop a new product or service under some degree of regulatory supervision, but without potentially excessive regulatory burden and penalties. Firms participating in the sandbox...
Introduced on January 19, 2022
Assigned To Committee

LB263: Universal Recognition of Job Licensing

The Platte Institute provided testimony in support of LB263. Universal Recognition of job licensing removes obstacles for workers and entrepreneurs in licensed professions who want to come from other states and work in Nebraska. Under this straightforward bill, people would be eligible to receive a Nebraska license if they were licensed for at least one year...
Introduced on January 11, 2021
General File

LB211: Allow Registered Reflexologists to Work in Nebraska

The Platte Institute provided testimony in support of LB211. Reflexology is a personal care service using the hands to apply pressure to a client’s feet, hands, or outer ears. Most states do not require a government license to practice reflexology, but in Nebraska, reflexology can only be performed by licensed massage therapists. As a result,...
Introduced on January 8, 2021
Final Reading

LB310: Modernize and Reduce Nebraska’s Inheritance Tax

The Platte Institute provided testimony in support of LB310. Nebraska is one of only five states that will levy an inheritance tax in the years ahead and one of only two states that tax children and grandchildren who receive inheritances from their parents or grandparents. Iowa is currently in the process of phasing out its...
Introduced on January 12, 2021
General File

LB377: Modernizing Relatives Subject to Inheritance Tax

The Platte Institute provided testimony in support of LB377. Nebraska is one of only six states that levies an inheritance tax. Because the tax was created in 1901, many of its provisions are in need of modernization, including Nebraska’s top 18% inheritance tax rate on non-relatives and distant relatives, which is also the country’s highest...
Introduced on January 13, 2021
General File

LB250: Voluntary Registration for Interior Designers

The Platte Institute provided testimony in support of LB250. This bill creates a voluntary state registry system for interior designers who desire the ability to stamp or sign design plans to be recognized by local building inspectors, rather than needing to seek separate approval by architects or engineers. By adopting a voluntary registry, registered interior designers could...
Introduced on January 11, 2021