About Us

The Mission of the Platte Institute

The Platte Institute’s mission is to advance policies that remove barriers to growth and opportunity in Nebraska.

Why We’re Here

The policies we enact in Nebraska have real consequences for our daily lives. Many different groups of Nebraskans are engaged in the policy process and make valuable contributions to our state.

But often, government policies impose barriers that make it harder for Nebraskans to succeed. These obstacles may limit career choices, levy unfair taxes, or spend taxpayer money without transparency or public input.

The cost of these barriers is much greater than dollars and cents. When Nebraska unjustly limits opportunity, it can cost our state and communities their future vitality.

For Nebraska to be a place where everyone can live their Good Life, there must be a constant voice that unites Nebraskans around policies that enhance economic freedom and enable more people to build a future in our state.

The Vision of the Platte Institute

We envision a state where Nebraskans have the freedom and opportunity to achieve their Good Life, Nebraska’s own version of the American Dream.

Our policies will remove barriers so that:

  • Nebraskans can keep more of what they earn;
  • It’s easier to start and grow a business in Nebraska;
  • Nebraska can retain and attract a talented workforce.

A Blueprint Nebraska Alliance Partner

In 2021, the Platte Institute was selected as one of three organizations responsible for implementing the Blueprint Nebraska strategic plan for growing the state’s economy.

Working alongside Nebraskans in business, government, and community life, we’re advancing solutions identified in the 15-point Growing the Good Life report, to make Nebraska the most welcoming state among our peers for job-seekers and entrepreneurs.

The Platte Institute is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. Our work is privately funded through contributions made by individuals, businesses, and private foundations. All donations to the Platte Institute are tax-deductible.

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