Strong Roots Nebraska

The Strong Roots Nebraska tax reform plan has been endorsed by the Tax Foundation, the country's most respected tax research organization. Read their endorsement in our latest report.

Protecting Omaha's Future

Pension reform that provides retirement security for public servants and protections for taxpayers may be coming to Omaha. But what steps need to be taken to avoid repeating mistakes of the past?

Nebraska's Most Dreaded Tax

How does our property tax burden compare to other states? What options do we have to provide Nebraskans with relief?

Nebraska Solutions for School Choice

Now that 43 other states have implemented school choice initiatives, there is a wealth of knowledge to help Nebraska create school choice programs to meet the unique educational needs of families and children.



Property Taxes in Nebraska: Past, Present, and Future

The direct and indirect cost of the property tax on Nebraska's families and businesses makes it easily the state's most dreaded tax. Why are property taxes such a substantial part of our tax system? What options do we have to provide relief and still protect the services that we all consider part of the Good Life?

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