Video: Taxes in Nebraska, What’s Next?

Video: Taxes in Nebraska, What’s Next?

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VIDEO: Taxes in Nebraska: What’s Next?
Tax policy leaders discuss progress and unfinished work

LINCOLN, NE – Today, Platte Institute Chief Executive Officer Jim Vokal hosted a Virtual Legislative Summit panel featuring Nebraska state Sen. Lou Ann Linehan, the current chair of the Legislature’s Revenue Committee, Blueprint Nebraska Executive Director Jim Smith, the former chair of the Revenue Committee, and Tax Foundation Vice President of State Projects Jared Walczak.

The discussion covered the panelists’ thoughts on the Legislature’s most recent tax policy package, and if there were other state and local tax reforms still needed.

Downloadable recordings of the Virtual Legislative Summit program are now available for broadcast. Video is available here. Audio is available here.

At the conclusion of the program, Jim Vokal presented the Platte Institute’s first Legislative Achievement Award to Nebraska state Sen. Sue Crawford, for her efforts to pass legislation expanding Nebraska’s cottage food law. A separate video of the award presentation may be downloaded here.

The program may also be viewed and shared at

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