Video News Release: Experts provide Nebraska broadband update

Video News Release: Experts provide Nebraska broadband update

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Experts provide Nebraska broadband update
Past legislative telecom chair Jim Smith hosts Nebraskanomics

OMAHA, NE — Platte Institute Chief Strategy Officer Jim Smith, a former chair of the Nebraska Legislature’s Transportation and Telecommunications Committee, is the guest host of the latest episode of the Nebraskanomics podcast available at

In this episode, Smith asks three experts on telecommunications and regulation about the state’s progress on grant programs that aim to expand broadband connectivity in unserved and underserved areas of the state. Nebraska Public Service Commissioner Mary Ridder, Nebraska Legislature Transportation and Telecommunications Committee Legal Counsel Mike Hybl, and Hamilton Communications General Counsel Jim Ediger are his guests.

Media resources for this episode can be found at this link, including a transcript of the episode, a link to the YouTube video, and audio streams for Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Content from Nebraskanomics may be rebroadcast or republished, in whole or in part, with attribution to the Platte Institute and program guests.

Download the video recording of the episode here. Download the audio recording of the episode here.

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