Statement: Jim Vokal on First Round of LB299 Debate

Statement: Jim Vokal on First Round of LB299 Debate

STATEMENT from the Platte Institute

February 20, 2018

Contact: Adam Weinberg
(402) 452-3737

Jim Vokal on LB299, Job Licensing Review, General File Debate  

OMAHA, NE – This is a statement by Platte Institute Chief Executive Officer Jim Vokal following General File debate on Sen. Laura Ebke’s Legislative Bill 299 and its committee amendment, AM1665. At the time of this statement, the bill remained in General File with no amendments adopted.

“Today’s debate showed the clear support that is growing among Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and independents in the Legislature to create a thorough review of the impact job licensing laws have on Nebraska’s workforce. Despite some attempts to slice and dice LB299, few senators wanted to go on record opposing the policy, which enjoys strong support from voters. Senators also narrowly defeated an amendment that would have exempted most licensed professions in Nebraska from this oversight,” Vokal said.

“I also want to make clear, as an organization that is currently engaged in the Department of Health and Human Services’ 407 review process, that LB299 does not replace that process. 407 is an agency-level technical review for professions that are seeking new regulations or licensure, or seeking to amend the scope of practice in a profession. LB299 is a legislative review of existing and proposed occupational licensing to determine whether the requirements for that license could be fulfilled with other regulatory options that satisfy the stated public health and safety goals of a policy while protecting economic opportunity for practitioners,” Vokal said.

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