Statement by Jim Vokal on LB1107 first-round approval

Statement by Jim Vokal on LB1107 first-round approval

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Statement: Jim Vokal on LB1107 first-round approval

Contact: Adam Weinberg
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This is a statement by Platte Institute Chief Executive Officer Jim Vokal on the first-round passage of Legislative Bill 1107, the Revenue Committee’s property tax compromise bill:

“Today, state senators held a long-awaited and constructive debate on property tax policy. While there were good arguments made by both supporters and opponents of LB1107, the historic nature of this vote should not be underestimated. A bipartisan supermajority of the Legislature reached a compromise few expected, making a long-term commitment to legislation addressing the state’s high property taxes. There are still opportunities to make improvements to the bill. I would have much preferred a bill that placed limits on local property taxing authority and spending or a larger bill that was immediately funded through ending sales tax exemptions. But senators have clearly decided they do not want to come away from this legislative session with nothing to show for it. Their cooperation creates an opportunity in this session and future sessions to improve our tax system, create more certainty for families and businesses, and achieve sustainable property tax reform,” said Vokal.

Jim Vokal is available for comment on this breaking story. Please contact Adam Weinberg at (402) 500-0209 or for more information.

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