Statement by Jim Vokal on CARES Act tax policies

Statement by Jim Vokal on CARES Act tax policies

NEWS RELEASE from the Platte Institute

July 7, 2020

Contact: Adam Weinberg
(402) 500-0209

Statement: Jim Vokal on CARES Act tax policies

This is a statement by Platte Institute Chief Executive Officer Jim Vokal on anticipated legislative debate on the state tax treatment of federal tax relief measures included in the CARES Act.

“Just as the CARES Act provided for economic impact payments and expanded unemployment benefits to see Americans through this crisis, it also provides for temporary tax changes to increase cash flow for employers, and help prevent more businesses from being forced to close their doors and permanently lay off employees. The Nebraska Legislature should continue to prioritize the economic recovery by sticking with these relief measures. Imposing more taxes and tax filing complexity on employers right now will hinder the recovery and hold back the economic growth Nebraska needs to help fund government programs and policy changes including property tax reform in the long-run,” said Vokal.

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