September is Truth in Taxation Month in Nebraska

September is Truth in Taxation Month in Nebraska

September is typically when we think of the beginning of fall and settling into the routine of a new school year. However, this year September will take on a new meaning. September is now Truth in Taxation month here in Nebraska. This year, our cities, counties, school boards, and community colleges are required to engage directly with taxpayers when they decide to raise additional funds through property taxes. 

In 2021, the Nebraska Legislature passed LB644, known as the Truth in Taxation law. This law adds transparency to the process of how our property taxes are set and it gives taxpayers a well-defined time and place to let their elected officials know how they feel about plans to raise their property taxes. 

With the passage of LB644, each of these taxing entities are now required to participate in a special public hearing when they are proposing a tax increase that is more than 2% plus any real growth. Taxpayers will be notified by postcard and the public hearings will be held between September 17th and 28th after 6 PM. At the hearings, the city, county, school board or community college that is requesting more funds will present specific information about the additional need for funds and the public will be allowed time to comment. 

As September approaches, it is our goal here at the Platte Institute to make sure all Nebraska taxpayers know about this new tool to hold the line on the growth of our property tax bills. The Platte Institute team will be releasing blog posts, podcasts, training, and resources to help taxpayers make the most of this opportunity.  

I would like to invite you to visit our hub at for all of our Truth in Taxation materials and to sign up for alerts so you will receive all of this information directly to your inbox. Now is the time to get prepared to have open and transparent conversations with our elected officials about what we expect in terms of property tax growth and responsible spending.


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