Senator John McCollister: Nebraska should adopt universal recognition of job licensing

Senator John McCollister: Nebraska should adopt universal recognition of job licensing

The Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs Committee of the Nebraska Legislature held a hearing today on an interim study resolution, LR191, sponsored by Sen. John McCollister.

LR191’s purpose was to explore the effect that universal recognition would have on groups that have traditionally faced barriers to occupational licensing, like those with military experience,  low-income residents who may have trouble affording licensing fees, and those who have a criminal record.

Under universal recognition, workers with job licenses, significant career experience, and military specialties would be able to bring their skills to Nebraska and easily receive licenses for careers they were trained for in other states.

McCollister also serves on the Government Committee, which will decide whether to move forward with LB263, universal recognition legislation Sen. Tom Briese introduced in 2021. In his opening remarks, Sen. McCollister said that universal recognition “should be passed by this committee and prioritized early next session.”

Here’s video of his remarks courtesy of Nebraska Public Media.

The LR191 interim study heard testimony from the Nebraska ACLU, the Institute for Justice, the Council of State Governments Justice Center, the Platte Institute, as well as other interested individuals.

We agree that LB263 should be advanced and passed early in 2022. LR191 also demonstrated some opportunities for other legislation, or potentially even amendments to LB263 to make it better. We’ll be actively engaged with senators over the next few months, lending our expertise in the area of occupational licensing, as they get ready for the 2022 session.

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Photo Courtesy Nebraska Unicameral Information Office

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