Platte Serves as Resource to Academic Journal

Platte Serves as Resource to Academic Journal

If you follow the Platte Institute you know we publish papers on public policy issues in Nebraska.  But what you probably didn’t know is that sometimes this data is used in academic research and trade publications.

In 2018, Nicole Fox and I published a report that reviewed the proposed reforms to occupational licenses enacted in Nebraska.  While the target audience of that report are policy makers and people in Nebraska, it also serves as a comprehensive audit of regulatory actions in the state.  This is what made the publication valuable to an author who published the article, “Who Drafted That? Model Legislation Impacting Nursing and Regulation” in the Journal of Nursing Regulation.

The article is attempting to explain the motivation for specific regulatory legislation.  If you read a lot of academic writing, you know that there are many out there using qualitative data trying to explain what practitioners do every day.  The Platte Institute is a valuable resource to policymakers in Nebraska, and a valuable resource to academic writers.

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