Platte Institute Virtual Legislative Summit to discuss Nebraska’s “Next Normal”

Platte Institute Virtual Legislative Summit to discuss Nebraska’s “Next Normal”

This year’s Platte Institute Legislative Summit will be held online on Thursday, October 8. You can find free registration at

The Summit, entitled Nebraska’s Next Normal, will discuss how leaders from different points of view can work together to help Nebraskans rise from the COVID-19 recession.

Here’s the schedule of events :

At 9 a.m. Central, Nicole Fox will host a Regulatory Reform Roundtable with Nebraska State Sens. John Arch, Suzanne Geist, Steve Halloran, and Anna Wishart. Jim Vokal will also introduce the winner of the Platte Institute’s 2020 Connie Brown Freedom Award.

Then, at 10:15 a.m. Central, current state governors from Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Arizona have been invited to join Laura Ebke to discuss why Universal Recognition of job licensing is part of their strategy to grow their state’s workforce.

And at 1 p.m. Central, Jim Vokal will host Revenue Committee Chair Sen. Lou Ann Linehan, Blueprint Nebraska Executive Director Jim Smith, and Tax Foundation Vice President for State Projects Jared Walczak for a panel on what’s next in Nebraska’s tax policy debate following the passage of LB1107.

At the conclusion of the Summit, the Platte Institute will also present its new Legislative Achievement Award.

Click here to download the Virtual Legislative Summit event flyer.

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