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Under current Nebraska law, local boards that set property tax levies must reduce their tax rates as property values rise, unless a separate public hearing and vote is held, allowing a property tax increase to move forward. However, most Nebraskans likely don’t know about these hearings, when they are held, or how to express their concerns about potential property tax increases.

A Truth in Taxation law would require that property taxpayers receive advance notice, by mail, informing them of the upcoming public hearings where local political subdivisions will decide on property tax increases resulting from rising property values.

A Truth in Taxation law can provide taxpayers with a stronger voice in how local property taxes are decided by:

  • Providing the date, time, and location of all public meetings where property tax increases will be decided;
  • Itemizing how much a property taxpayer’s tax bill would rise if the proposed tax increase were approved;
  • Requiring that hearings for property tax increases take place during hours when most taxpayers can attend a public meeting.

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Nebraskans deserve to know when local governments are voting to raise property taxes. I support providing taxpayers with notice, by mail, of all public hearings where property taxes may be increased.

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