News Release: Three Job Licensing Bills on Final Reading

News Release: Three Job Licensing Bills on Final Reading

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On the Legislative Agenda for Wednesday, April 18 
Three Job Licensing Bills to See Final Votes

LINCOLN, NE – Bills to review Nebraska’s job licensing laws, reduce licensing burdens for personal care professionals, and to add Nebraska to interstate compacts for health care professions will be on the Final Reading agenda today in the Nebraska Legislature.

Session for legislative day 60 begins today at 1:00 p.m. Central Time.

Legislative Bill 299 currently appears fourth on the agenda following legislative confirmation reports. The bill creates a review process for Nebraska’s job licensing laws that would be conducted in an on-going cycle every five years.

Legislative Bill 731 appears ninth on the agenda. The bill was amended by the Health and Human Services Committee to reduce licensing hours for cosmetologists and barbers to 1,800 hours from the currently required 2,100, one of the highest requirements nationally. In addition, barbers and cosmetologists could operate mobile salons under the legislation.

LB731 would also exempt applying cosmetics from job licensing laws, and includes Nebraska in a multi-state compact for physical therapy licensure.

Legislative Bill 1034 appears near the end of the agenda. Among its added provisions is an amendment to adopt an interstate compact for Emergency Medical Services personnel working across state lines. While the legislation does not establish licensing reciprocity, it could enable qualified practitioners with out-of-state licenses to practice in underserved areas of the state.

LB1034 also creates an expedited pathway for military personnel and spouses working in EMS to establish licensure in Nebraska.

“This session, senators in the Unicameral have continued to show that scrutinizing and removing excessive barriers within our job licensing laws is a nonpartisan effort that benefits working Nebraskans and the public interest,” said Adam Weinberg, Communications and Outreach Director for the Platte Institute.
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