News Release: State Senator Nicole Fox Plans to Join Platte Institute

News Release: State Senator Nicole Fox Plans to Join Platte Institute

NEWS RELEASE from the Platte Institute for Economic Research 

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State Senator Nicole Fox Announces Plans to Join Platte Institute 

As Senator, Fox Pioneered Job Licensing Reform, Opposed Bigger Government

OMAHA, NE (November 30, 2016) – State Senator Nicole Fox will join the Platte Institute for Economic Research as Director of Government Relations beginning in the 2017 legislative session. Sen. Fox’s appointed term will expire at the end of 2016.

Fox, of Downtown Omaha, currently represents Legislative District 7 and serves on the Health and Human Services and Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committees in the Nebraska Legislature.

The Institute’s outgoing Director of Government Relations, Jen Rae Wang, has accepted a district position with U.S. Representative-elect Don Bacon.

“When I learned that Jen Rae had a much-deserved opportunity to work for Representative-elect Bacon, I knew right away that Senator Fox would make an ideal successor. Her hard work in the Legislature exemplifies the same values we champion at Platte Institute. Senator Fox sees the potential that each and every person has within them, and works for solutions that remove barriers to hardworking Nebraskans living the Good Life,” said Jim Vokal, Chief Executive Officer of the Platte Institute.

“Senator Nicole Fox served the people of Nebraska and her district with distinction. With her leadership, the Legislature has started efforts to create more businesses and better jobs through the reform of burdensome occupational licensing. Senator Fox has also been a steadfast supporter of tax relief and free-market approaches to health care reform, including Direct Primary Care,” said Vokal.     

Sen. Fox was the sponsor of LB898, an occupational licensing reform bill supported by the Platte Institute, which removed an onerous requirement for natural hair braiders to earn a state cosmetology license. In addition to changing Nebraska from one of the least friendly states for entering the profession to one of the best, the successful passage of LB898 began a conversation about other ways the Legislature could reform occupational licensing and regulation.

In addition to her service in the Nebraska Legislature, Fox has dealt first-hand with professional licensing, certification, and health care issues as a Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Medical Nutrition Therapist with 17 years of experience at Nebraska Medicine. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition-Dietetics from Iowa State University.

"My time in the Legislature has been all about growing Nebraska and answering the call of my constituents, who continue to tell me that taxes are too high in Nebraska, that good-paying jobs remain too far out of reach, and that all too often, government is putting up barriers to a better life rather than breaking them down,” said Sen. Nicole Fox.

“The Platte Institute is the perfect team for me to join to continue advancing solutions that really work for working families, and I am eager to build upon the many wonderful relationships I have made in the Legislature and the governor’s office to fight for freedom and opportunity in Nebraska,” said Fox.

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