News Release: On the Legislative Agenda March 20

News Release: On the Legislative Agenda March 20

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On the Legislative Agenda for Tuesday, March 20 
Equine Massage, Airbnb Bills to See Debate 


LINCOLN, NE – Bills to eliminate job licensing for equine massage practitioners and to prohibit local governments from banning home-sharing services like Airbnb will be near the top of the agenda Tuesday in the Nebraska Legislature.

The Platte Institute provided written testimonies in support of Sen. Mike Groene’s Legislative Bill 596 and Sen. Adam Morfeld’s Legislative Bill 756.

LB596 replaces state job licensing requirements for equine massage practitioners with a less-restrictive requirement to register with the state and receive training from an accredited certificate program.

LB756 would prevent local governments from passing an outright ban on short-term residential rentals, also known as home-sharing, but would still allow ordinances for health, safety, and other nuisance issues.  

LB596 has seen previous floor debate but has not yet received a vote, pending an amendment Sen. Groene is expected to introduce Tuesday. LB596 is the first bill on Tuesday’s legislative agenda, following legislative confirmation reports. Session begins at 9 a.m. Central Time.

An amendment containing the language of LB756, AM2259, will likely see debate as well. Sen. Morfeld is proposing to add that language to the Urban Affairs Committee’s Legislative Bill 873. It is the second bill on the agenda.

“Legislative Bill 756 is wisely drafted to protect the opportunity for home-sharing statewide, while retaining the ability of local governments to establish regulations for the specific purposes of public health and safety. Legitimate concerns for the public welfare are, ultimately, the only true justifications for regulations on home-sharing,” wrote Nicole Fox, Director of Government Relations for the Platte Institute.

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