News Release: Nicole Fox on Veto of LB607

News Release: Nicole Fox on Veto of LB607

NEWS RELEASE from the Platte Institute

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Statement: Nicole Fox on veto of LB607/607A
Bill would have imposed new licensing requirement

This is a statement by Platte Institute Director of Government Relations Nicole Fox on the veto of Legislative Bill 607.

“I would like to commend the governor on today’s veto of LB607 and LB607A, which would have imposed additional job licensing burdens on practitioners who only provide manicures or pedicures on the natural nail.

Adding additional job licensing requirements on small businesses and workers, particularly those that recently had to close under the state’s Directed Health Measures, would have moved Nebraska in the wrong direction just as we are experiencing some of our highest rates of unemployment in the state’s recorded history.

Under the Occupational Board Reform Act, the Legislature made a commitment to regularly review Nebraska’s job licensing laws to assure that licensing requirements adhere to the least restrictive means necessary to protect public health and safety. Governor Ricketts correctly notes in his veto letter that registration is a more appropriate regulatory tool that follows the intent of Nebraska’s licensing reform law,” said Fox.

“One other item worth discussing is that LB607 would have removed a requirement for English language proficiency to be licensed as a nail technologist—which is a good thing—but that also raises the question of whether the cosmetology and nail technology licensing board and the private colleges that sought this legislation really did their best to properly inform the many immigrant-owned businesses and immigrant workers targeted by this additional licensing requirement.  

After all, if there would be a language barrier in the implementation of the law, what about the process of deciding what the law ought to be and who should be at the table when it’s decided?” 

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