News Release: Licensing Review Bill Approved in Committee

News Release: Licensing Review Bill Approved in Committee

NEWS RELEASE from the Platte Institute

January 26, 2018

Contact: Adam Weinberg
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Licensing Review Bill, LB299, Approved by Government Committee
Bill Supported by Platte Institute, ACLU of Nebraska


OMAHA, NE – The Platte Institute would like to express its gratitude to the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee for voting to advance Sen. Laura Ebke’s Legislative Bill 299 to General File in the Nebraska Legislature.

According to state Sen. Laura Ebke, an executive session vote on the bill was taken yesterday.

“A Government Committee executive session on LB299 was held [Thursday] night. Chairman Murante confirmed to me that the bill was advanced with 5 votes, and 3 present and not voting,” said Sen. Ebke.

At the time of this publication, the vote total has not been released in a committee statement.

LB299, which will now become Sen. Ebke’s 2018 priority bill, is supported by the Platte Institute and the ACLU of Nebraska.

LB299 would require the Legislature to scrutinize job licensing laws and proposals for their impact on Nebraska’s workforce, competition, and consumer protection. A government license is required for nearly 200 different types of jobs in Nebraska. The bill would also enable Nebraskans with a conviction history to petition licensing boards about their eligibility for licensure, and would narrow the circumstances under which workers with a record could be denied a license.

“The ACLU applauds this action by the committee to grow Nebraska’s workforce and remove barriers for people with a conviction history. Removing those barriers will help more Nebraskans secure good jobs which not only helps them and their families, but supports our economy while reducing recidivism. This bill is a win-win for all Nebraskans, but it will have the greatest benefits for communities of color and low-income Nebraskans who are most impacted by our system of mass incarceration,” said Danielle Conrad, ACLU of Nebraska Executive Director

The bill has earned tripartisan support in the Legislature, with Ebke, a registered Libertarian, Republican Sens. John McCollister, Tom Brewer, and Dan Watermeier, and Democratic Sen. Justin Wayne cosponsoring the legislation.

“LB299 is one of the Platte Institute’s top priorities in the 2018 legislative session, because it will help give power back to Nebraskans to cut the hidden tax of red tape that is creating barriers for working people across our state,” said Jim Vokal, Chief Executive Officer of the Platte Institute.

“Advancing this legislation is just the first of many steps, but with a new framework for making sure our job licensing laws really serve the public interest, Nebraska can make great economic progress in the years ahead,” Vokal said.

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