News Release: Legislative Testimony for February 6

News Release: Legislative Testimony for February 6

NEWS RELEASE from the Platte Institute 

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Legislative Testimony for Feb. 6: LB112
Bills Waives First Job Licensing Fee for Eligible Workers

LINCOLN, NE – The Platte Institute will testify in support of a bill to waive some job licensing fees for eligible workers in the Health and Human Services Committee today. Sen. Sara Howard’s Legislative Bill 112 will be heard in State Capitol Room 1510. The hearing begins at 1:30 p.m. and the bill is currently second on the agenda.

LB112 would create a first-year job licensing fee waiver for low-income workers, members of military families, and people between the ages of 18 and 25. A study by the Institute for Justice found that Nebraska requires state licensing for many occupations the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies as low-income. Nationally, these licenses require an average of $260 in fees.   

Platte Institute Director of Government Relations Nicole Fox will testify in support of the bill.

“Keep in mind that workers applying for these licenses may have experienced loss of income while obtaining needed training, may have had significant tuition costs, and in many cases, may also have to pay for continuing education to maintain that license,” said Fox.

Military families are also more likely to relocate than other groups in the labor force, often requiring workers licensed elsewhere to reapply for licensing in a new state.

“The Platte Institute views LB112 as a win for workers, and it will help grow Nebraska’s economy,” said Fox.  

Fox’s testimony is posted online at

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