News Release: Legislative Bill Tracking for April 15

News Release: Legislative Bill Tracking for April 15

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Legislative Bill Tracking for April 15: LB550
Requires Voter Approval for Local Cell Phone Taxes & Fees


LINCOLN, NE – Sen. Tony Vargas’ Legislative Bill 550 appears on this week’s legislative agenda in the Unicameral.

LB550 is the 11th bill on the agenda and is Sen. Vargas’ 2019 priority bill. The Platte Institute supported LB550 before the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee, which advanced the proposal 6-1, with one member present but not voting.

LB550 would effectively eliminate local wireless occupation taxes in municipalities that levy them now. Municipalities would have to seek voter approval to reinstate the taxes or other similar fees. In Omaha and Lincoln, for example, occupation taxes on wireless bills are currently about 6 percent.

Combined with federal, state, and local fees and taxes, the Tax Foundation ranks Nebraska as having the country’s fourth highest wireless taxes, at 25.48%. The total figure can vary statewide, however, since not all municipalities in Nebraska levy wireless occupation taxes or local sales taxes, which are part of the combined rate.  

“At a time when many Nebraskans desire tax relief, LB550 reduces tax burdens to consumers and gives voters a voice when it comes to local taxing authority,” said Platte Institute Director of Government Relations Nicole Fox.

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