New Nebraska Government Agency Unveiled

New Nebraska Government Agency Unveiled

In Lincoln today, Governor Pete Ricketts formally unveiled a new government agency for Nebraska. While this would usually elicit a collective groan from many because of more tax dollars taken from citizens to fund it, the new move actually saved you money. While a new agency was created, it eliminated two along the way.

Nebraska, say hello to our new Department of Transportation!

With the unanimous passage of LB 339, the old Department of Aeronautics and Department of Roads will be officially merged on July 1st to create the new agency.  “With a unified agency focused on Nebraska’s transportation needs, this team will be able to take a long-term, more strategic view towards building the 21st-century infrastructure we need to grow Nebraska,” said Governor Ricketts.

The benefits of the merger have already excited many, including new NDOT Director Kyle Schneweis.

“We have already realized some of the opportunities this partnership provides to streamline services and we look forward to finding more,” said Director Schneweis, commenting on how the new agency will help cut costs.

Added to this, no layoffs are anticipated, but rather the combined staff will look to create a more efficient service with the combined resources of the old departments. This will allow the new agency to invest more in Nebraska road and air infrastructure without increasing the burden for taxpayers.

With no new taxes and a more efficient government agency, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. 

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