Nebraska’s 10-year challenge

Nebraska’s 10-year challenge

Ever wonder how much our state has changed when it comes to tax policy?  Well, in the spirit of Facebook’s ten-year challenge, here is Nebraska’s ten year tax challenge: 2009 to 2019.

Here are some things to keep in mind. Slight changes in our tax rates can change our national ranking.  For example, the individual income tax saw some slight changes and it helped our ranking by 7 spots.  But other states are constantly changing too, which is why some of our rates stayed the same yet our rank got better or worse.

For example, the sales tax rate is the same as it was ten years ago, but our national rank got worse. Corporate taxes also stayed the same, but our national rank got better.

And you can’t only look at ranks and rates – dollars collected and other fiscal measures are important too.  For example, Nebraska’s debt per person went from 39th highest to 22nd highest in the nation (an increase of more than $2,700!).

  2009 2019
State Business Tax Climate Index 42nd Best in US 24th Best in US
State Individual Income Tax Rates 2.56% > $0 2.46% > $0
  3.57% > $2,400 3.51% > $3,290
  5.12% > $17,500 5.01% > $19,720
  6.84% > $27,000 6.84% > $31,780
Individual Income Tax Index 33rd Best 26th Best
State Corporate Income Tax Rates 5.58% > $0 5.58% > $0
  7.81% > $100K 7.81% > $100K
Corporate Tax Index 32nd Best 28th Best
Property Tax Index 48th Best 40th Best
State General Sales & Use Tax Rates 5.5%; 25th Best 5.5%; 29th Best
State Gasoline Tax Rates 27.3₵: 19th Highest 30.5₵: 24th Highest
State Cigarette Excise Tax Rates 64₵; 34th Highest 64₵; 41st Highest
State Spirits Excise Tax Rates $3.75/gal; 31st Highest $3.75/gal; 38th Highest
State Table Wine Excise Tax Rates 95₵; 14th Highest 95₵; 23rd Highest
State Beer Excise Tax Rates 31₵; 14th Highest 31₵; 20th Highest
State & Local Revenues Per Capita $9,669; 10th Highest $9,143; 20th Highest
State & Local Debt Per Capita $5,308; 39th Highest $8,011; 22nd Highest
State & Local Property Tax Collection Per Capita $1,270; 17th Highest $1,909; 12th Highest

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