Nebraska Legislature votes on COVID-19 funding

Nebraska Legislature votes on COVID-19 funding

The Speaker suspended the legislative session on March 16th in response to the COVID-19 situation, but reconvened on Monday, March 23rd to vote on an amendment that would provide emergency funding to aid Nebraska public health workers in combating the virus.

The amendment will spend around $83.6 million.  Here is the fiscal note of the bill outlining all the spending.  The bill is now on final reading and is expected to pass.  It received unanimous support from all members present at the Unicameral.

  • Local Response Efforts – $38,156,700
  • DHHS Staffing – $4,004,000
  • Surge Staffing for Veterans Hospitals & DHHS Care Facilities – $13,000,000
    UNMC —– COVID-19 Lab Testing – $515,000
  • UNMC —– Lab Equipment, Software Programming and Personnel – $2,500,000
  • UNMC —– UV Light Boxes – $100,000
  • UNMC —– Knowledge Center – $343,900
  • Available Reserve- $25,000,000

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