Media Availability: Nebraska Jobs Recovery on Pace to Rank 18th

Media Availability: Nebraska Jobs Recovery on Pace to Rank 18th

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Michael Lucci: Nebraska continues toward full jobs recovery
Thirteen states have surpassed pre-pandemic jobs peak

OMAHA, NE — Platte Institute Senior Policy Advisor Michael Lucci writes on today that Nebraska remains behind its pre-pandemic peak for the number of jobs filled in the state. But the gap is closing, and Nebraska is currently on pace to become the 18th state to get back to where the job market stood before the emergency and recession.

More than 1 million people in Nebraska were employed in non-farm payroll jobs prior to the start of the pandemic. The state and workers initially lost nearly 100,000 jobs. As March 2022, Nebraska is 7,400 jobs short, or 0.7%, of reaching a full recovery.

Michael Lucci is available for comment on these figures. His latest article and a photo are attached and may be republished, in whole or in part, with attribution.

“Nebraska is now only 7,400 jobs away from a full recovery of its pre-pandemic jobs count, which makes it slightly better than the U.S. as a whole,” Lucci said.

“There are 13 states that have surpassed their pre-pandemic jobs peak, including Nebraska’s neighbors South Dakota and Colorado. Nebraska is currently on pace to finish 18th among states for recovering to its pre-pandemic jobs peak.”

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