Media Availability: Jim Vokal on Nebraska’s new Truth in Taxation law

Media Availability: Jim Vokal on Nebraska’s new Truth in Taxation law

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What is Truth in Taxation?
New property tax transparency law debuts in September

OMAHA, NE — Jim Vokal, CEO of the Platte Institute and host of the Nebraskanomics podcast, is available for interview and comment on a new property tax transparency law that will come to the attention of Nebraska taxpayers in September.

A Frequently Asked Questions document is attached to this release in PDF format, along with a photo of Vokal.

The Property Tax Request Act (LB644) was passed by the Nebraska Legislature in 2021 and takes effect this year. The policy behind the law is commonly known as Truth in Taxation, and has been adopted in various forms in Utah and other states to increase public awareness and participation before local governments vote on property tax increases.

Nebraska’s Truth in Taxation law requires counties, cities, school districts, and community colleges to inform taxpayers by mail if they seek to raise the subdivision’s annual property tax asking by more than 2%, plus real growth. In September, each county will mail taxpayers a postcard including details about the proposed increases, and location information for a special hearing, where the increase will be explained and members of the public can speak.

All political subdivisions proposing a tax increase greater than 2%, plus real growth, will participate and take public comment at the same joint public hearing for that county. These hearings will be scheduled on an evening between September 17 and September 28, after 6 p.m. local time. Political subdivisions must inform county clerks of their intent to participate by September 5 so that taxpayers can be mailed their Truth in Taxation postcard at least 7 days before the hearing.

“Nebraska taxpayers are overwhelmingly concerned about local property tax increases, but many have expressed confusion about how to properly address those concerns,” Jim Vokal said.

“Nebraska’s new Truth in Taxation law gives taxpayers an opportunity to be fully informed about potential tax increases before they’re voted on, and direction on how to engage their local elected officials,” Vokal said.

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