Mark your calendar for Nebraska property tax hearings

Mark your calendar for Nebraska property tax hearings

In September, every taxpayer who has at least one taxing entity on their bill participating in a Truth in Taxation hearing will receive a mailed postcard with public hearing information. Legally, all hearings must be held after 6 p.m. between September 17 and 28, and postcards must be in the mail 7 days before a hearing is to be held.

Thanks to the Nebraska Association of County Officials, county governments are beginning to contribute to a preliminary, unofficial list of county dates and locations for 2022, so that you can know in advance when and where a hearing will be held, if necessary.

Just a few disclaimers here. As you’ll see, not all counties have submitted their information at press time, so if you have confirmed, updated information for any counties, do your fellow taxpayers a favor and send it along to our team. We’ll add it to the list.

Also note that your postcard and the legally-required printed and electronic public meeting notices are the official and final word on if and when there will actually be a Truth in Taxation hearing. These times and locations are being set in case a hearing is needed, and counties may still reschedule to a later date (prior to September 29) if more time is needed to provide advance notice for taxpayers with the postcard mailing.

Update, September 1, 2022:  Sarpy County staff contacted the Platte Institute with updated location information for Sarpy County’s hearing. 

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