Licensing recognition can help launch projects like Space Command in Nebraska

Licensing recognition can help launch projects like Space Command in Nebraska

This article from the Lincoln Journal Star popped up in my notifications a bit ago, and while the first section talks primarily about COVID-19 response and plans at the University of Nebraska, here’s one excerpt that struck me as the most interesting.

Ted Carter, the University of Nebraska president, is also a retired U.S. Navy admiral. Carter believes that Offutt Air Force Base should be considered as a location for the new Space Command.

Carter also said he believes Nebraska’s Offutt Air Force Base should be considered to become the headquarters of the U.S. Space Command.

Nebraska, which is already home to the U.S. Strategic Command and the Marine Corps Forces Space Command, was one of six locations narrowed down from a pool of 24 under consideration to become the home the command, according to reports.

President Carter pointed to the many ways that the University of Nebraska could partner with the Space Command if it came to Nebraska–and pointed out the generally welcoming environment that Nebraska provides to the military and its civilian employees.

The military is a major employer and has to work to attract talent like all other institutions. Much has been written about the impact occupational licensing has on military families. Opportunities available to military spouses are also important factors when service branch leaders make location decisions.

In its announcement of Offutt as a finalist in consideration for the Space Command Headquarters, the U.S. Air Force mentioned that “community support” is a factor in its final decision.

Adopting universal recognition of occupational licensing from other states can be one way for Nebraska to make a strong and welcoming statement to military families, both as a welcoming place to serve, and to live after their service is complete. By recognizing the professional licensing of military family members who are assigned to Nebraska–along with workers in communities statewide–the Legislature would be providing another benefit for relocating the command to Offutt and encouraging consideration of similar projects in the future.

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