Legislative Testimony on LB77, Reduce Barriers to Entry for Real Property Appraisers

Legislative Testimony on LB77, Reduce Barriers to Entry for Real Property Appraisers

Good afternoon, members of the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee.   My name is Nicole Fox, and I am the Director of Government Relations for the Platte Institute.  Thank you for the opportunity to discuss occupational licensing in our state.

LB77 makes adjustments to the state’s real estate appraiser license in a positive direction for less burdensome work requirements in our state.  This bill is a great example of the governing board of an occupation taking initiative to update their laws to reduce barriers-to-entry and make it easier for people to work and join their profession.

Lowering the experience hours required and also lowering the postsecondary educational requirements to a high school diploma are two key components for reform when looking to reduce barriers in occupational licensing.  These changes will allow more people the opportunity to become a license real estate appraiser in Nebraska.  The board has already forecast they will see an increase in applicants in the upcoming years, which is supporting evidence they are moving in the right direction.

This bill will also help the appraiser license have a less burdensome review process when they are studied under the Occupational Board Reform Act (LB299) within the next five years.

The Platte Institute strongly supports occupational licensing reform as a means of lessening burdens to those trying to enter the state’s workforce.  I ask that you advance LB 77 out of committee.

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