Legislative Testimony for LB790, Mobile Cosmetology and Nail Salons

Legislative Testimony for LB790, Mobile Cosmetology and Nail Salons

Good afternoon Chairman Riepe and members of the HHS committee.  My name is Nicole Fox, and I am the Director of Government Relations for the Platte Institute.  Thank you for this opportunity to discuss mobile salon licensing in our state.

Currently, cosmetologists and nail technicians working in the state of Nebraska who are licensed and are providing services independently are required to work in traditional brick and mortar business locations.  They must be “fixed structures” licensed under the Nebraska Cosmetology Act to serve as the site for the performance of any or all of the practices of cosmetology or nail technology by persons licensed or registered under such act.

Professionals in these industries have identified a need for delivery of these services in a mobile fashion.  Their clientele include those who are home-bound due to disability, recovery from illness, or due to advanced age; those who do not have reliable transportation; those who live in nursing facilities; and those with a schedule or lifestyle that makes it difficult to travel to a traditional brick and mortar establishment.  One such individual reached out to the Platte Institute in 2017 as he wanted to provide mobile hair dressing services for bridal parties. 

Mobile salons are allowed in several states across the country.  The owners of these salons are able to tap into a whole new client market, expand consumer choices and increase their income earning potential.  Many mobile salon owners can offer more flexibility in the hours they schedule services, and this can be very appealing to customers.

Mobile salons require far less capital, allowing greater ease for a new entrepreneur to pursue starting their own business. 

LB790 would to allow this new service delivery modality while requiring owners to meet reasonable requirements that address health and safety concerns just like brick and mortar salons are currently required to do.

The Platte Institute views LB790 as a win for both entrepreneurs and consumers; and it will help grow Nebraska’s economy.  I ask that committee members advance LB790 out of committee.

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