Legislative Testimony for January 22, 2019

Legislative Testimony for January 22, 2019

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Legislative Testimony for January 22: LB12 & LB77
Bills Waive Fees, Reduces Barriers to Real Estate Careers  


LINCOLN, NE – The Platte Institute will testify in support of two job licensing reform bills before the Nebraska Legislature's Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee today.  

Platte Institute Director of Government Relations Nicole Fox will testify in support of Sen. Carol Blood's Legislative Bill 12 at 1:30 p.m. in State Capitol room 1507. The bill is currently first on the agenda.

The bill waives realtor licensing fees for active duty military service members and their spouses who are already licensed in another state. Under the bill, they would also be eligible for the fee waiver if they had been previously licensed in Nebraska within three years prior to their return from a duty assignment. 

"According to the Obama administration’s 2015 occupational licensing report, 35 percent of military spouses in the labor force work in professions that are regulated, and they are ten times more likely to have moved across state lines in the last year than their civilian counterparts," said Fox. 

"These military spouses may have difficulty acquiring a new license each time they move. Given the fact that Nebraska is home to Offutt Air Force Base, we need to assure our occupational licensing requirements allow military spouses and veterans to readily enter our state’s workforce," said Fox.    

Later in the hearing, Fox will also testify in support of Legislative Bill 77 sponsored by Sen. Matt Williams. 

LB77, introduced at the request of the Nebraska Real Property Appraisers Board, reduces the barriers to entry to the Real Property Appraiser profession, including eliminating a requirement for a post-secondary degree to earn a license. 

"This bill is a great example of the governing board of an occupation taking initiative to update their laws to reduce barriers to entry and make it easier for people to work and join their profession," said Fox. 

"These changes will allow more people the opportunity to become a licensed real estate appraiser in Nebraska. The board has already forecast they will see an increase in applicants in the upcoming years, which is supporting evidence they are moving in the right direction," said Fox.

Fox’s testimonies are posted online at PlatteInstitute.org/Testimony.

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