Legislative Summit to Highlight the Good Life at Work

Legislative Summit to Highlight the Good Life at Work

Summer winding down means back-to-school ads are here, and Husker football is just on the horizon.

But fall is also the time of the year for the Platte Institute Legislative Summit, an annual preview of issues in the Nebraska Legislature.

On September 26nd, the Platte Institute will host “The Good Life at Work,” highlighting recent successes and remaining roadblocks for career opportunities in Nebraska. Covered topics will include occupational licensing reform, reviewing state regulations, Nebraska’s personal property tax burden, and the Legislature’s ability to weather fiscal uncertainties.

“Everything that we call the Good Life depends on people getting up in the morning and contributing to the quality of life in our state,” said Adam Weinberg, the Platte Institute’s Communications Director.

“In too many cases, there are better career opportunities that are closed off to Nebraskans because of excessive job licensing, red tape regulation, or harmful taxes like the personal property tax,” said Weinberg.

In addition to the Platte Institute’s own experts, the summit will include guests representing the Institute for Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the Nebraska ACLU, and Nebraska state senators who are taking action on these issues.

While the summit will feature many state political figures and experts, Weinberg stressed that the event is open to anyone who would like to attend.

“It’s a great way to hear from your elected officials and community leaders who are taking an active role in policymaking in Lincoln in the legislative session, to ask them questions, and be part of the discussion.”

You can reserve your spot online at goodlifesummit.eventbrite.com. General admission is $20, which includes a ticket to the event and a hot breakfast. Students, media members, and state senators (plus one staffer) may register for free.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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