How We Vote: A Platte Institute Study

How We Vote: A Platte Institute Study

In recent years, states around the country have started experimenting with different methods of voting.

Ranked Choice Voting. Instant Runoff Voting. Open Primaries. Approval Voting.

All of these methods of voting are being proposed or experimented with in an assortment of configurations in different jurisdictions. From local elections to statewide elections; from primary elections to choose nominees for the general election to all federal elections; from Alaska to Maine to California to South Carolina, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a state that isn’t at least testing on a small scale.

In recent years, Senator John McCollister introduced LB125 in the 107th Legislature  which would have allowed localities to use ranked-choice voting for certain elections.

This year, Senator Eliot Bostar introduced LB776, which would move Nebraska toward an “open primary.”

Given the recent developments around the country, and the likelihood that there will be more discussions about alternate ways of voting, the Platte Institute offers a new white paper study about some of these new ways of voting we’re seeing around the country. The Platte Institute takes no position on the wisdom of any of these methods of voting and believes that a basic understanding of the potential changes can aid the people of Nebraska as these options are discussed.

Click here to open or download this study.

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