Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Platte Institute. Have other questions you can’t find the answers to here? Contact Adam Weinberg at (402) 452-3737 or

How should I refer to the Platte Institute in reports?

While we have a longer formal name on file with the IRS, we prefer to go by our abbreviated name: the Platte Institute. Other introductory references for us that have been used in reports are: “A Nebraska-based think tank,” or “the Omaha-based Platte Institute.”

Where can I get approved staff photos or Platte Institute logos for publication?

We always include staff photos in associated news releases. They may also be downloaded, along with our logo, at

On what issues does the Platte Institute hold a position? 

The Platte Institute takes positions on public policies that impact state economic growth and upward mobility for Nebraskans, particularly state and local laws that create barriers to work, investment, market competition, and entrepreneurship. We also advocate for tax and spending policies that collect needed revenue for core government functions, provide transparency for taxpayers and policymakers, and impose the least burden possible on the state’s economy.

While many of these topics may cross paths with other societal issues, the Platte Institute does not take positions in most other areas. This is important because we believe economic freedom can bring people together and improve the well-being of Nebraskans who may hold opposing views on many other public policy topics.

What does the Platte Institute think about __________?

Check out the Platte Institute’s Legislative Issue Guide for our thoughts on the issues. The guide will be updated each legislative session at

Does the Platte Institute have a political affiliation?

No. The Platte Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan, nonprofit foundation. We do not support or oppose candidates or parties. Instead, we work with Nebraskans from across the political spectrum to advance principles and policies that remove barriers to growth and opportunity. We believe our philosophy is best advanced by forging consensus among Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and independents.

Is the Platte Institute an objective source for information?

Facts are objective—people and institutions are not. We believe it’s wrong for organizations that take public policy positions to claim total impartiality. We will always be clear about our point of view, and work hard to maintain our integrity and trustworthiness by showing how our conclusions align with well-researched facts, as well as our values. We will also treat other ideas with respect and give them careful consideration. After all, if you can’t even think about someone else’s argument with an open mind, what does that say about the strength of your own ideas?

Who funds the Platte Institute?

The Platte Institute depends on private donations from individuals, foundations, and businesses. To preserve our independence, the Platte Institute does not accept state or federal funding, nor do we perform contract research. About 70% of the Platte Institute’s operating budget comes from individual donors all across Nebraska, with 65% of these donors making an annual contribution of less than $1,000. The Platte Institute’s Board of Directors and staff are regularly engaged in the Institute’s fundraising programs, including personal solicitations, direct mail, and online fundraising.

When was the Platte Institute founded and who founded it?

In 2007, a group of Nebraskans interested in economic issues, including Gail Werner-Robertson, Pete Ricketts, Mike Groene, and Warren Arganbright banded together to found a free market state policy think tank. In 2020, Owen Palm serves as Chair of the Platte Institute’s Board of Directors. Board members serve for three-year terms and represent communities across Nebraska. Our complete Board of Directors may be viewed at

How many people work at the Platte Institute and where are you based?

As of July 2018, the Platte Institute has six full-time staff members, based at the Institute’s office in Omaha and at the State Capitol in Lincoln. Regular Platte Institute activities are also scheduled statewide throughout the year.

For more information, please visit our media resource page at