Report shows Douglas County tax collections

Report shows Douglas County tax collections

Ever wonder how much revenue your county collects?  Well, due to reporting standards I can’t pull this type of information for every county in the state – but luckily Douglas County makes it easy since they issue a standardized report each year.

Here is a list of what types of revenues and how much was collected by Douglas County for the 2018 Fiscal Year.  No surprise Property tax was the highest, but it is interesting to see some of the other revenues.  (from page 30 of 162 in the 2018 CAFR)

General Revenues Total Amount
Property taxes $ 118,053,258
Homestead taxes $ 2,660,192
Motor vehicle taxes $ 18,870,489
Payments in lieu of taxes $ 3,797,556
Carline and airline taxes $ 233,724
Inheritance taxes $ 16,240,156
Miscellaneous taxes $ 5,393,929
Investment earnings $ 861,822

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