College-educated people are leaving Nebraska

College-educated people are leaving Nebraska

A new report by the Omaha World-Herald shows that Nebraska is once again losing more college graduates than it attracts.  Annually, more than 2,300 college-educated people aged 25 and older have moved out of Nebraska in the post-recession years.

Some blame it on cold weather or the cities not being big enough to attract millennials looking to start their career.  But states like Illinois, New York and even Washington D.C. are also experiencing the ‘brain drain,’ while states like Delaware, Arizona, and Colorado are attracting these often young, educated residents.

Chart courtesy of The Omaha World-Herald

Why?  It more than likely has something to do with their low taxes and regulatory climate.

When you first graduate with your degree, you might not always get a job in the field of your degree — or you might have trouble finding your first job.  High taxes and increased regulations hurt the chance for these young professional to get their foot in the door.

Low regulations allow more people to enter the job market, and lower taxes let these workers keep more of the money they earn.  Combined, it makes for an economy that is a hot spot for those looking to start their career, which unfortunately, is not Nebraska.

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