Breaking up with the Love of “Gov”

Breaking up with the Love of “Gov”


During these uncertain times, I think many of us are seeing that it is more evident than ever that two distinct views exist.

One view is the “love of government,” where a belief exists that government knows best and that it’s the government who should step in to solve society’s problems.

The other view isn’t so in love with the government. When the government attempts to solve problems, it may create more problems in the long run. Those with this view feel that maybe it’s best to just “get government out of the way,” and let the private sector get creative and put forth their ideas. In a sense, there is a desire for a “break-up” with the government.

Recently, I learned about a series of short videos put together by the Independent Institute. The two-season series is titled Love Gov. In Season 1, the various segments portray the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend—Scott “Gov” Govinsky. “Gov” pursues the heart of Alexis. Each episode explores “Gov” and Alexis’s relationship and how Gov’s intrusions wreak havoc on her life professionally, financially as well as socially.

In Season 2, “Gov” works to befriend renters attempting to climb the economic freedom ladder.  He attempts to control his tenants and ensure their dependency on him. Will “Gov” succeed?

If you enjoy dry humor like I do, I encourage you to check out this series of short comic videos. You might find that you may personally be able to relate to them. Regardless, you’ll agree that a break-up with “Gov” may not be so heart-breaking after all.

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