Biden executive order seeks to improve market for workers

Biden executive order seeks to improve market for workers

An article in the New York Times today suggests that the Biden administration is looking carefully at issuing an executive order aimed at “increasing competition in the labor market.”

The order would address the issue of both noncompete agreements and of unnecessary occupational licensing restrictions. Arguably, both of these things prevent workers from looking for better jobs both where they currently live, or where they might move to chase better opportunities.

While most occupational licensing and noncompete agreements are issued under the auspices of state laws, the Federal Trade Commission–beginning in the Obama administration–has shown itself willing to step in to limit the barriers that modern labor practices sometimes place on an individual’s opportunity.

The Times notes that addressing both noncompete agreements and occupational licensing are areas that are finding bipartisan support, “uniting those who want more widespread labor market opportunity with those opposed to excessive regulation.”

Photo by Lisa Ferdinando, U.S. Department of Defense

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