August 10: Omaha Metro Virtual Property Tax Town Hall

August 10: Omaha Metro Virtual Property Tax Town Hall

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August 10: Omaha Metro Virtual Property Tax Town Hall
Area voters and taxpayers can vote in live tax issue polls

OMAHA, NE — The Nebraska Legislature has returned to debate property tax legislation, but so far, senators have not been able to overcome a filibuster. That means the future of the property tax issue in Nebraska may rest in voters’ hands.

While other initiatives are likely to appear on the 2020 General Election ballot, grassroots efforts to place a property tax measure on the ballot have failed to qualify in each of the last two years.

To help begin a discussion on overcoming these obstacles in the years ahead, the Platte Institute is hosting a series of online town hall programs on property tax reform. The Omaha Metro Virtual Property Tax Town Hall will be held on Zoom on Monday, August 10, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. Central Time. Registration is required at

A promotional video for the town hall is available for download here. The file may also be embedded in online articles from this YouTube link.

Rather than hosting elected officials, the agenda at the Virtual Property Tax Town Hall will be driven by members of the public. Voters and taxpayers from communities across the region are invited to participate to share their stories, ideas for property tax reform, and questions about Nebraska tax issues.

Registrants will receive a confirmation email with a link to a participant survey, where they can request time to ask questions and share ideas for discussion topics and participant polls on camera or by audio through Zoom. All town hall participants can also submit questions in writing through Zoom’s Q&A or chat features and vote in live polls throughout the program.

“My goal is that our Virtual Property Tax Town Halls help to create a broader grassroots consensus on property tax reform that reaches every part of our state and includes Nebraskans from every point of view,” said Platte Institute Chief Executive Officer Jim Vokal.

“With so many Nebraskans facing rising property taxes as one of a growing list of financial worries in this recession, we need to start talking to each other about a vision for the future of our state, and what changes Nebraskans might be willing to make if senators are not,” said Vokal.

The Platte Institute’s Virtual Town Halls may be recorded for broadcast and will be made available for download with final poll results in a release following the program.

For more information, please contact Adam Weinberg at (402) 500-0209 or

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