Arizona lawsuit targets zoning restrictions on mobile homes

Arizona lawsuit targets zoning restrictions on mobile homes

Nebraskans with safe and warm homes got a reminder this week of just how fortunate they are, as communities across the state and region experienced near-record low temperatures. A new video by the Institute for Justice tells the stories of Americans who are in danger of becoming homeless, all because the housing they can afford, including RVs, don’t fit the zoning plans of the cities they live in.

The property owners featured in the new video are clients in an Institute for Justice lawsuit against Sierra Vista, Arizona, but one of the attorneys on the case has worked in Nebraska before. Previously, the Institute for Justice’s Paul Avelar has testified to the Unicameral’s Health and Human Services Committee in support of the state’s successful legislation removing job licensing requirements for African-style hair braiding.

Barriers to affordable housing in Nebraska are discussed in the recent Platte Institute report, Build More Housing: Land Use Reform Opportunities for Nebraska’s Cities.

Photo Courtesy Institute for Justice

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