4 Ways the Legislature Can Remove Barriers to Growing Nebraska

4 Ways the Legislature Can Remove Barriers to Growing Nebraska

An old saying goes that nobody’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session. But the 105th Nebraska Legislature can actually protect and strengthen all of these rights that help Nebraskans live the Good Life if policymakers come into office with the right game plan on these four issues:

1. Nebraska needs tax reform.

A new report by the Tax Foundation details how Nebraska can reduce loopholes in its tax base, lower tax rates on working and investing in our state, and still raise the money needed to pay our bills. Learn more at PlatteInstitute.org/TaxFoundation.

2. Too much red tape is slowing Nebraska’s job growth.

Nearly 200 different types of jobs in Nebraska require a government license. And many of the requirements imposed are unheard of even across our state line. Research from across the political spectrum, from the Heritage Foundation to the Obama White House, provides a framework for reforming regulatory burdens. Learn how we can “Let Nebraskans Work” at StrongJobsNebraska.org.

3. Pension debt threatens Omaha and Lincoln.

Residents of Omaha and Lincoln are paying more of their taxes for fewer government services, in no small part because city pension funds are coming up short on their investment returns. Upcoming research by the Reason Foundation will show how the Legislature can help our major cities stop the bleeding.

4. Nebraska families are choosing states that provide more education choices than we do.

Nebraska’s key economic rivals including Arizona, Florida, and Iowa are among the leaders in adopting education choice options like Opportunity Scholarship tax credits, which help low- and middle-income families to access scholarships to enroll their children in private school.  These options save taxpayers money, and momentum for the approach is growing, as at least one new state has passed a similar program eight of the last ten years.

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