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Committee Gives Quick Approval to New Property Tax Limit

February 07, 2019 | by Adam Weinberg

LB103 has advanced to first-round debate in the Legislature.

No Shortage of Ideas on New Revenue Committee

January 17, 2019 | by Adam Weinberg

The eight senators on the Revenue Committee plan to put forward a variety of proposals.

Let County Voters Decide on Higher Sales Tax

January 02, 2019 | by Adam Weinberg

A voter-approved countywide sales tax option could provide an alternative to a state sales tax hike.

KC Fed: Nebraska Home Prices Increase 6th Fastest

December 19, 2018 | by Adam Weinberg

Home prices in Nebraska grew the sixth fastest nationally over the last decade.

5 Weird Nebraska Sales Tax Exemptions

December 05, 2018 | by Adam Weinberg

Many of Nebraska's sales tax exemptions can seem arbitrary, or even a little silly.

Nebraska Economic Growth: 2nd Quarter of 2018

November 15, 2018 | by Adam Weinberg

Nebraska’s economy grew at a much faster rate in the second quarter of 2018.

Property Tax Reform: Nebraska's Own Family Feud

October 26, 2018 | by Adam Weinberg

See the resuts of our latest property tax reform survey.

New Business Created Thanks to New Law

October 02, 2018

Check out our new video on a Columbus area business created thanks to LB596.

What Are the Facts About State Government Spending?

August 28, 2018 | by Sarah Curry

Total state spending per person in Nebraska is higher than it has ever been. 

Nebraska Is Choking on Its Cottage Food Law

August 03, 2018 | by Riley Herchenbach

Nebraska policymakers should follow the lead of the many states that have expanded their cottage food laws.

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