LB72: Make To-Go Mixed Drinks Permanent

Introduced on January 7, 2021
Status: Signed into Law




The Platte Institute provided testimony in support of LB72. It would allow sellers holding a Class C liquor license to sell liquor, such as mixed drinks or cocktails, for consumption off-premises. It would make the emergency measures allowing to-go drinks in food and drink services businesses permanent. The bill requires that the drink is “not partially consumed and in a labeled and sealed container with a tamper-evident lid, cap, or seal, as approved by the [liquor control] commission and for alcoholic liquor transported in a motor vehicle [to be] placed in the trunk of the motor vehicle or the area behind the last upright seat of such motor vehicle if the area is not normally occupied by the driver or a passenger and the motor vehicle is not equipped with a trunk.”

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Last Action

Provisions of LB72 were signed into law as part of LB274 on May 26, 2021. Click here to read the Platte Institute's testimony.