LB211: Allow Registered Reflexologists to Work in Nebraska

Introduced on January 8, 2021
Status: General File




The Platte Institute provided testimony in support of LB211. Reflexology is a personal care service using the hands to apply pressure to a client’s feet, hands, or outer ears. Most states do not require a government license to practice reflexology, but in Nebraska, reflexology can only be performed by licensed massage therapists. As a result, an entirely separate group of practitioners who specialize in reflexology are prohibited from offering services under their own industry certification. LB211 would allow those solely practicing reflexology to operate lawfully in Nebraska as long as they were certified for having completed their industry training, and are registered with the state Department of Health and Human Services.

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Last Action

LB211 was advanced by the Health and Human Services Committee to General File, the first round of legislative debate. Click here to read the Platte Institute's testimony.