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Tax Policy

Taxes have economic consequences for all Nebraskans. The Platte Institute strives to improve the quality of life for Nebraskans by promoting fiscal policy that limits taxation and raises needed revenue with the least harm to our economy. The Platte Institute seeks to limit state and local taxes that make Nebraska less attractive to growth and opportunity, and end taxes which uniquely burden our citizens, including taxes on Social Security and military retirement income, inheritance taxes, and tangible personal property taxes.

Government Spending

Nebraskans need tools and resources to help them keep an eye on how policymakers manage their budgets. The Platte Institute evaluates the economic impact and trade-offs associated with policies and provides the latest information on state and local spending proposals to help taxpayers and citizens engage with their elected officials.

Labor & Regulation

The Platte Institute conducts research on approaches to regulatory relief and flexibility that can help grow Nebraska's small business economy and put more Nebraskans to work in good-paying jobs. Our work empowers the public and policymakers to identify and combat costly regulations, limit the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs, and lower the costs associated with hiring and employing workers.


Nebraska needs educational reforms that boost academic achievement, increase accountability, and improve cost-efficiency. The Platte Institute is committed to expanding educational choice, including Opportunity Scholarships, public charter schools, homeschool, virtual education opportunities, and more, to empower Nebraska's parents to provide the right educational settings for their children.